A Family’s cancer Journey

A Family’s Cancer Journey

We as a family, over the years, did not consistently practice eating healthy. We partook in fast foods, grocery shopped without reading labels to see what we were buying. Cooked and consumed many of our favorite Louisiana cuisines like we all do. We purchased cases and cases of bottle water, teas and sodas which we also shared with family and friends.

Our Cancer Journey

We did the following this shocking diagnosis:

1. We immediately got a new primary care physician that we knew was on the cutting edge of modern medical treatments and medication and she was.

2. Next, we found and chose one of the most experienced oncologist in the Baton Rouge area that admitted to us that his type cancer was considered rare, and that during his career he had seen very few patients with this type cancer.

3. Surgery was performed in 2011, a colon re-section, to remove the mass.

4. Three treatments of IV chemotherapy was ordered, administered with negative results to stop the growth.

5. We did some research seeking expert treatment for this disease, and in 2012, we found that Ochsner/LSU, had a clinic in Kenner, Louisiana, about 45 minutes from us, that specialized in treating patients with this rare cancer, call Neuroendocrine Carcinoma or Neuroendocrine tumors (NETS)

6. We immediately scheduled an appointment where he saw a doctor that specialized in treating NET patients. There, he started an oral chemo called Xeloda, with many side effects. I think he suffered from all of them. He took this medication along with many other meds to relieve pain, constipation, chest tightness, muscle spasms, UTIs just name a few, until there was nothing else in the medical world available.

7. 2012, mass discovered in his thoracic spine. Emergency surgery was performed and he became paralyzed from the waist down and never walked again.

8. January, 2014, visited M. D. Anderson for treatments, after testing, they could only offer Xeloda, the oral chemo which he was currently taking.

9. March 2014, was told by the NET Clinic that no other treatments were available.

10. April 2014, changed doctors and was prescribed Afinitor, another oral chemo with less side effects, at a cost of $9,700.00 for a month’s supply, which he took until his death.

We did what the average American would do if you are not practicing healthy eating and if you have not been introduced to Kangen water.

Our cancer journey was such an unbelievable experience, after his death in July, 2014, I decided I wanted to give back by sharing my experiences with all of the treatments, and what we thought was the correct way to address our health issues at that time.

I am so sorry, my husband is not here today to share in my discovery of the importance of healthy eating and drinking the Kangen water.

However, I think he would be proud that I chose to share this information because he was giving and loved to share, be it a hunting or fishing joke, a life experience, or some very important tip ……

This is just A Family’s cancer Journey. My family’s journey.

I have started a Cancer Foundation in his name. Please visit Lou-D Net Cancer Foundation. We have fun together as we raise money for very important research. Thanks.

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