Delores Mitchell My Kangen Water Story

My Kangen Water Story


My name is Delores and I enjoy life to the fullest! I power walk and exercise regularly. I also have become a bit of a health nut.  Becoming health conscious, I now know that you are what you put in your body.

Of course, this has not all ways been the case. At one time, I owned high blood pressure and diabetes. I was obese; at 5’8 1/2″,  my weight finally tip the scales at 257lbs. I felt sluggish and tired all the time.

Back in July of 2014, a friend introduced to me Kangen Water.

He shared lots of great information about Kangen water. However, sampling the water allowed me to realize the true value of the SD501 Alkaline / Ionized/ restructure water. Immediately, I recognized that taste was different from my regular drinking water; it tasted clean, mild and delicious!!

He then shared the cost, and I knew our journey had come to an arburpt  end. Where would I get that kind of money to buy a water machine?????. However, as I continued to sample the water, I notice the  weight began dropping off, while I still consumed junk food.

I felt less tired and I also had more energy. After noticing my enthusiasm about this wonderful water, my friend  allowed me to view the video on alkaline water. I was sold!!!! He reviewed several financial options with me and found the one that would meet by budget.

Today, my body is completely alkaline. This Kangen Water has so many other benefits that I’ve enjoyed daily.

By drinking this water consistently everyday, my medication has been either canceled or drastically reduced.

What I truly love about Kangen Water is that it does what it promises!! Once your body becomes alkaline, it detoxifies free radicals from the body. This water is highly antioxidant and akeline, thus potentially preventing diseases from forming in the body.

Today, I own my own SD501 Kangen Water Machine and I’m also an independent distributor.

Go ahead, get your body alkaline today by drinking Kangen Water, you’ll be glad you did!!


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