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Follow these steps to find out how this one simple change can improve your life:

These 9 Steps were designed to be watched in order.
As the information unfolds, you will gain the fullest understanding.

Step 1:

Watch this short video on the effects of structured water on our blood
Live Blood Analysis (1:23)


Step 2:

Watch this story on Channel 7 News about Kangen Water
Channel 7 News Piece on Kangen Water (2:08)


Step 3:

We live in a world of toxicity that is damaging our health
Defining The Problem (6:00)


Step 4:

If you or someone you know drinks bottled water? Watch this.
Which Bottled Water is Best? (5:26)


Step 5:

Here is the answer to protecting your health and the health of those you love
The Solution - Intro (3:58)


Step 6:

See how the world's leading gastroenterologist, Dr. Hiromi Shinya, uses Kangen Water
Dr. Hiromi Shinya - World's Leading GI Doctor & Kangen Water (4:53)


Step 7:

A Kangen Machine makes waters for drinking, cooking, beauty, health and cleaning
7 Different Waters from a Kangen Machine (9:00)


Step 8:

Don't be fooled. Be sure to watch this so you are protected
Competitors or Predators? (3:26)


Step 9:

See how easy it is to get Kangen Water in your home
Kangen Water in Your Home (9:58)


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